Doing your internship abroad is often a tough decision to make. An internship in South Africa is a perfect place to do this, as our culture and heritage is so diverse, and we deal with very real issues of poverty, human rights violations, refugees, among many. Our South Africa internship projects are very carefully chosen to match your field of studies. 

We have partnered with many organizations in Cape Town, to give you the best possible internship experience, where you can learn, apply your knowledge, and be hands-on. 

The minimum stay for an internship in South Africa is 3 months.

We cater for many fields of study, including Social Work, Psychology, Human Rights Studies, Law Studies, Political Studies, as well as 

offering internships in South Africa in other fields like Photography, Coding, Public Relations and Communications. 

We also find internships in South Africa for you, should your chosen field of study not be listed above. We have trained staff that have many years experience in finding internships to suit your needs. 

We also offer 6 weeks field studies options.





3 months: R 35 000

Following months: R 6000

Price Includes:

  • Accommodation
  • Project placement
  • Mentor at project
  • Introduction Day
  • Day tour to Cape Point and penguin beach
  • Donation to project
  • Registered sim card to use in SA 
  • 24/7 contact person at African Sunrise
  • Help with Visa papers if staying more than 3 months

Price Does not include:

  • Visa costs
  • Flight
  • travel Insurance
  • Food



Projects to choose from



Children’s Homes of Safety


Work directly with Children from homes where violence, abuse and substance abuse has taken place.  You will work with a social worker, and be a part of the children’s therapy and safety process, as well as family reintegration. 

Good for Social Work students, Psychology, and Teaching. 

School for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

The school uses a combination of one on one and group teaching. Structured teaching (TEACCH), Applied behavioural analysis (ABA) and Augmentative Communication Methods and South African Sign Language are used to help learners.

A safe space is provided where routine, scheduling and life skills are taught to help the learners fit into everyday society. The school looks at varied approaches and keeps up to date on the latest research with regards to teaching learners with Autism.

Great for Psychology, Social Work and Teaching students.

The Agency for Refugee Education, Skills Training & Advocacy

This Organisation assists refugees and asylum seekers arriving in South Africa and more specifically in the Cape Town area with education, legal matters and integration into the South African society.

The Organisation works in collaboration with South African government and is involved in lobbying, media outreach, refugee rights awareness, education and advocacy campaign management.

Good for, but not limited to, Human Rights Studies, Law studies, Psychology. 

Organisation for cultural, social and economic
integration of migrants, refugees and South Africans
into local society

Perceiving migration as an opportunity, this project is committed to alleviating poverty and promoting development in the Western Cape while fostering integration between migrants, refugees and South Africans. In providing assistance they advocate respect for human rights and use a holistic approach that considers all basic needs.

This Project focuses on six main areas: Advocacy, English School, Employment Access, Unite, Welfare and Women’s Platform

Public Relations and Communications

Use your skills and studies to become part of a very unique organisation, that has set out to help those less fortunate in very adventurous and wonderful ways!

You will liase and work with many NPO’s, NGO’s, Organisations and also be part of weekly and monthly tasks to help others  in a fun way. A fantastic opportunity to be a part of  something special. 

Young Men’s Reintegration Programme

At this Project, you will work closely with young men between 18-25 that need help in finishing their high school studies, finding a job, or simply finding a way to be reintegrated into society. The project aims to provide young men from impoverished communities the chance to pursue meaningful, independent lives though connections to educational opportunities, positive social alternatives and training in life skills. Only male interns are accepted for this project.

Photography and Videography


South Africa is a beautiful country, but it is also filled with poverty and social issues. 

Use your photography and videography skills to join this wonderful organisation that highlights the plights of the underprivileged in Cape Town and its surrounding areas. Through various projects and activities with NPO’s, NGO’s and organisations, you will get to put your skills to use! 

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Programmes

We have partnered with Cape Recovery, an Organisation that works with various Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centres in Cape Town. Be a part of group sessions, daily activities and therapy with recovering addicts. Cape Recovery also has Eating Disorder clinics, as well as various other Rehabilitation Programmes.

Good for, but not limited to: Social work students, Psychology students, Counselling Courses. 



We are offering this internship for a specific Organisation, who deal with various NPO’s, NGO’s and events as well as fundraisers. Be part of an extremely unique and adventurous organisation where you can use your coding skills to teach, learn and to make a difference! 

Social and Community Development

We partner with a group of Homeless Shelters around Cape Town. 

The Organisation provides temporaty shelter, physical care, social welfare,  and family re-unification services. They also serve meals, and offer various workshops and skills training. They have on-site social workers to assist the homeless. 

Programmes with the Aged

This Organisation provides 24 hour frail/hospice care, various services, the provision of 225 meals per day and developmental opportunities to as many older destitute persons in a safe and protected environment.

Most of the clients have experienced major trauma and losses, i.e loss of their home, income, spouses, children, physical health, etc. and this coupled with the nature of progressive ageing increases their vulnerability. 

Gender Justice Programmes

Our Gender Justice Programmes include organisations that work for just, democratic societies and equitable
healthy relationships between men, women and young people. The Projects pursue goals across South Africa by using a human rights framework to build the capacity of government, civil society organisations and citizens to achieve gender equality, prevent gender-based violence and reduce the spread of HIV and the impact of AIDS. Internship fields would include gender studies, human rights, social work and HIV/AIDS studies.

Sex workers advocacy and human rights defence programme

This Organisation is at the cutting edge of sex-worker advocacy,  human rights defence, and mobilisation in Africa. 

Work here includes encouraging sex workers to explore, and voice, their own actualities, experiences and protests using a human rights approach. 

This is done through direct engagement in workshops, public events and a national toll-free help line. Good for, but not limited to, Social Work, Human Rights, Law, Psychology, Communications. 

Centre for Abused Women and Children

This Organisation is a one-stop centre for women and children who are survivors of abuse. The vision is the creation of a safe and secure society and a human rights culture where women and children are empowered to exercise their full rights.

You will be working with supervisors and social workers, as well as psychologists, to assist in the therapy and empowering of the women and children. 

Nursing, Physiotherapy and Child Care

There exists a dire need for step-down inpatient care at a community level to support and prepare families to care for their children. This very special project has developed this inpatient hospice unit for children. The unit provides multidisciplinary paediatric pain and palliative care service for children requiring ongoing treatment upon discharge from a specialised hospital. Families may choose to have their children re-admitted to the unit if symptoms or situations arise with which they cannot cope or if their children need terminal care that cannot be provided at home.

Home for Abused Women and Children 


This home provides shelter, care, and empowerment of destitute, abused and disadvantaged mothers and their children.

They are motivated by the principle of empowerment and do their best to enable disadvantaged and distressed women and their children to find relief, support and a chance to become independent, confident and self-sufficient. 

Interns will be supervised by Social Workers, and will take part in the lives of the Women, as well as the children. There are skills training sessions, workshops, therapy sessions, counselling, and much more!