To volunteer in South Africa is an experience you will never forget.
All of our projects are hands-on, and you will get to work with children, teenagers, adults or the elderly,
depending on your interests. Volunteering in South Africa is a great way to give back to the community, to make a difference
in the lives of others, and to experience Cape Town.

Minimum time to volunteer in South Africa with us is one month.
Requirements: CV, Motivational Letter and Police Clearance.



1 month volunteering R 18 000

2 months volunteering R 28 000

3 months volunteering R 35 000 

following months R 6000

Price Includes

  • Accommodation
  • Project placement
  • Introduction Day with visit to City centre and museums
  • Day tour to Cape Point and penguin beach
  • Donation to project
  • Registered sim card to use in SA
  • 24/7 contact person at African Sunrise
  • Help with Visa papers if staying more than 3 months

Price Does not include:

  • Visa costs
  • Flight
  • travel Insurance
  • Food



Projects  to Choose From


Home of Safety for Boys from Vulnerable Backgrounds

Volunteer soccer Cape Town

This project focuses on boys and teenage boys from vulnerable backgrounds. They live in the Home of Safety
for various reasons. As a volunteer, you will assist with homework, group sessions, sports activities and
constructive play time. Outings and fun days will also be part of your volunteering duties.

Children’s Hospital Programme

This project is for volunteers who will spend time with ill children and their families when they visit. This project is open for volunteers .You can read to them, play games with them, and also spend time with their families, who also need comfort and support. This project is for volunteers and also for inters who want to get the “feel” of a medical facility.


Soup Sessions – Fridays

Soup Kitchen Volunteers

We join Soup Kitchen Observatory every Friday afternoon to serve soup and bread to the Homeless commuity in Observatory. We dance, have live music, and get to know the locals with constructive communication. You can join this every Friday, in addition to your weekly volunteering project.

Home of Safety for Children from Vulnerable Backgrounds

Face paint Volunteering

Work directly with Children from homes where violence, abuse and substance abuse has taken place. You will work with a social worker, and be a part of the children’s therapy and safety process, as well as family reintegration. Sports, playing, homework assistance and fun days will from part of your duties.

Child and Youth Centre

Child and Youth Care Centre

This organisation is dedicated to the aid of children that have been orphaned, abused, abandoned or left destitute. This Home provides them with a safe and stable environment. You will be part of their healing process – by talking to them, playing games, organising outings or sports during the day.

Township Kindergarten Community Days

African Sunrise Township Kindergarten days

Our Directors were responsible for the fundraising and building of a kindergarten in the Phillipi Township. We have regular monthly Saturday Community Days where we visit the children in the Township, and play games, sports, facepainting, and give them a meal and snacks. This would be an added community project above your chosen volunteering project.

Homeless Shelters

African Sunrise Soup Kitchen for Volunteers

We partner with a group of Homeless Shelters around Cape Town. The Organisation provides temporaty shelter, physical care, social welfare, and family re-unification services. They also serve meals, and offer various workshops and skills training.
They have on-site social workers to assist the homeless.

Baby and Neonatal Care Volunteering Project

African Sunrise Soup Kitchen Obs volunteering

This very special project has developed this inpatient hospice unit for children. The unit provides multidisciplinary paediatric pain and palliative care service for children requiring ongoing treatment upon discharge from a specialised hospital. Families may choose to have their children re-admitted to the unit if symptoms or situations arise with which they cannot cope or if their children need terminal care that cannot be provided at home.

Soup Kitchen – Feeding Programme

African Sunrise Soup Kitchen Obs volunteering

Home for Babies and Children up to 5 years old

African Sunrise Soup Kitchen Obs volunteering

This Home of Safety provides full-time care for up to 49 babies and children from birth to five years of age who have been referred by social workers and placed at the home by order of a children’s court. The children are either neglected, abandoned, abused, orphaned and are accepted at the home irrespective of HIV status, race or gender.

Shelter for Abused Women and Children


African Sunrise Soup Kitchen Obs volunteering

 This Home is for abused women and their children. The home also provides workshops, childcare, training programmes, group therapy and counselling. The women are also empowered and grow through their intimate involvement in the actual running of the homes. Their children are victims of various kinds of abuse and traumas. It ranges from emotional, physical abuse to sexual and psychological abuse. Learning and behavioral problems such as difficulties to concentrate and participate in group work, stubbornness, aggression as well as inappropriate sexual behavior are the most commonly addressed problems.


Abused women and children Substance Abuse Unit  

This Organisation is a one-stop centre for women and children who are survivors of abuse. The vision is the creation of a safe and secure society and a human rights culture where women and children are empowered to exercise their full rights.
The organisation has a substance abuse unit where they focus on
prevention and also treating not only women in the facility but women
and children from the surrounding areas too. 

Volunteers are needed to assist in this process, and also to join the staff in visiting the surrounding areas to work with addicts – women and also young children and teenagers who have become addicted to substances. A great opportunity to really get involved and work within a community, and at the home. 


 Abused Women and Children Outreach Project 

This Organisation is a one-stop centre for women and children who are survivors of abuse. The vision is the creation of a safe and secure society and a human rights culture where women and children are empowered to exercise their full rights.
The Organisation needs volunteers for the second semester to go around to schools in the area to talk to and interact with children on various issues. This is an outreach project, which is very hands-on and very community oriented. For this reason, volunteers need to have a very good understanding of the English language, and be able to speak it fluently. A love of children and an interest in gender rights is a must.