Volunteering and Internship events in Cape Town

At African Sunrise, we don't just place volunteers at Projects, We get involved!
We regularly have fundraising initiatives to assist the Projects! Take a look at a few of our fundraising events and campaigns.

Valentines Township Community Day

On Valentines Day 2016 we joined a small community in Phillipi Township where our Directors were responsible for fundraising and building a Kindergarten for the children there. We brought food, cooldrinks and toys for the children, and what a joy it was to play games with the little kids and soccer with the older boys. The children love our visits and it's always a pleasure seeing the joy on their faces when we are there. Lots of face-painting took place - and not just the children's faces but the adults too! 

Home of Safety School Dance

Three of our interns, Evelina, Thanh and Frida, who were doing their Social Work Internships at one of our Homes of Safety for Children,  held a "School Dance" for the children. It was lovely to see, all the children dressed up in very smart evening wear, each one had their photo taken, and they got to feel really special for a night. There was a karaoke machine, laser lights and even a smoke machine. Everyone enjoyed the dancing, singing and all the good food. It was a night the children will never forget. Our three interns also fundraised to do various repairs in the home, as well as buying much needed appliances. 

Heritage Day 2016

On Heritage Day 2016 we joined the community of Observatory for a day on the Village Green. We made and served soup and bread to the Homeless Community, our Swedish interns made lovely Swedish food which they sold to the public for fundraising, there was live music and our Director CJ exhibited some of her photos of the Homeless Community. It was a great day of getting to know the community, and celebrating not only our South African Heritage, but also that of all the other nations that joined in

Mandela Day 2017

This year St.Francis Boys Home was our project of choice for our 67 minutes on Mandela Day. We had an amazing day of Karaoke, soccer, lunch and of course, wall-painting! We were joined by volunteers from the community, and the boys had a fantastic day celebrating the life of Madiba.


Our Directors were responsible for the fundraising and building of a Kindergarten in the Philippi Township. From the clearing of the grounds, to the building, the Kindergarten is now home to over 30 children, and runs from Mondays to Fridays. This was a huge project, and we regularly spend time with the children at the kindergarten. We had comedy nights and online fundraising initiatives to raise enough money to have the school built.

Comedy Night

Comedy Nights are a big thing in Cape Town and a wonderful way to meet people and have a laugh. Our Director Tania, with the help of some WONDERFUL comedians, hosted a night of Comedy for Youth Solutions Africa, at the Bazinga Bar in Cape Town. We fundraise with local comedians often, who also assist with our Friday Soup Sessions.

Gumboot Drive

Running fundraising campaigns online is also a great way of getting people involved. Our Director CJ held a Gumboot Drive online, and managed to raise enough money to buy over 50 pairs of red gumboots for the children in the Philippi Township Kindergarten.

Soccer Fundraiser

One of a few Soccer Fundraisers we have had at the scenic Fives Futbal fields on the rooftop of one of Cape Town’s tallest buildings! We had teams from all over Cape Town compete, Comedians, Projects, Companies and even us women! A really fantastic day, with the kids really enjoying the soccer, and a lot of money being raised for Breaking Bread Community Development.

Re-purpose Schoolbags

One of our Directors held a fundraiser for Repurpose Schoolbags, which resulted in over 100 bags with solar lights being given to the children of the Philippi Township.

StreetSleeper Fundraiser

Our team held a fundraiser to provide the Homeless People of Observatory with StreetSleeper sleeping bags, which are waterproof and durable. We are so happy to have been able to provide over 30 sleeping bags!

Sanitary Pad Drive

Our team held a fundraiser for sanitary pads – we had pop-up collection points around Cape Town, and also raised money online. Our dear volunteer, Miranda, also assisted. We managed to provide almost 700 sanitary packs to Uitsig Highschool, as well as to Fezeka Highschool in Gugulethu. We hope to continue providing sanitary pads to the young women that can’t afford them.

Mandela Day 2016

On Mandela Day, the African Sunrise Team raised money for a day at Heatherdale Children’s Home of Safety. We provided each child with a jersey, as well as lunch and snacks. We had a karaoke machine which was such a hit, as well as face-painting and a jumping castle. Our team also handed over a cheque for R5000 to the home.