African Sunrise - Who Are We

An Introduction to the African Sunrise Team

African Sunrise is an all-female company based in Observatory, Cape Town. We place interns, volunteers, field studies groups and Bachelor Thesis students at projects that match specific criteria and requirements of each person. African Sunrise's main goal is to provide you with a life-changing experience where you will make a real difference in the lives of some of Cape Town's most vulnerable people.

African Sunrise works on the premise that a successful volunteering, internship or field studies experience can only happen when a person is matched with the right organisation and project initiative for their needs. We won't place anyone at an unsuitable project, and we liaise with every prospective volunteer, student or intern thoroughly before a final decision is made. If it doesn't add value to everyone involved, then it's not part of who we are as a company.

The African Sunrise team's approach differs from other volunteering companies. We all spend a lot of time with the organisations we work, offering assistance wherever we can. That's because we all have backgrounds in the NPO sector or have spent time volunteering. We understand how difficult it can be to set up and run an organisation. We attend every event and get as involved as much as possible.

African Sunrise is part of this positive move towards an equal society, not just in Cape Town, but all over South Africa. Genuine change can only happen when the participants speak and live their truth. Our truth is simple - we can only create meaningful experiences by being involved in the process 100%.

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