Five Reasons to Complete Your Bachelor Thesis in Cape Town

African Sunrise has been placing volunteers, interns and field study students at some amazing projects in Cape Town for over three years. We started off by arranging social work and healthcare students' programmes which has grown into multiple fields of interest. In addition to our core programmes, we also cater to bachelor thesis students who are nearing the end of their university course.

To make sure each student finds the right placement to complete their bachelor thesis, the African Sunrise team makes an assessment then plans thoroughly. It's vital that we find the right organisation that aligns with your data criteria, even if it means using more than one NPO. From when we greet you at the airport, it's our mission to provide the right level of support throughout your stay in South Africa.

Cape Town – an Excellent Destination for Bachelor Thesis Students –

Most people who haven't visited Cape Town before have a perception of it from the tourism adverts or possibly negative snippets of news stories. What people may not know is that our city is a popular place for people doing internships. And there are many students here to complete their bachelor thesis work as part of their degree.

Cape Town offers an entirely new environment for international students where the social welfare system differs from what they're used to. This improves their ability to collect a broader range of data from their field of interest. Undertaking your bachelor thesis work in South Africa will be challenging, and there is a more obvious disparity in wealth and a lack of social mobility here.

However, it's a task hundreds of previous bachelor thesis students have risen to. And many students form a close bond with the people at their placements that lasts beyond their thesis work. African Sunrise works with a network of organisations from a variety of different causes and backgrounds. This makes it possible to provide you with the ideal placement while offering around-the-clock support.

The Importance of Finding the Right Placement Opportunity –

African Sunrise is a company that was born out of a need to do things differently. We have first-hand experience of seeing how poorly some internship and volunteering companies arrange placements. People would arrive in Cape Town with high expectations, only to realise that the company had done little to no organisation for them.

A common problem was their placement was either poorly organised, or nothing had been done. When you travel overseas to do a bachelor thesis, the main thing you need from the time you land is a strong support system. This is the exact opposite of what they paid for.  And it was apparent to us that many companies lose their interest in the person after their final payment is made. 

This was by no means the only poor standard of service that can happen. There is an underlying lack of customer care in our industry, with little to no emphasis on the actual organisations attached to the placements. 

That's why we knew things had to be different at African Sunrise. We have a dedicated lead person to coordinate and work with every NPO and NGO on our placement network. Each organisation we work with is fully accountable for their actions, and we monitor their performance.

If any issues arise, we act straight away. It's not always anyone's fault, and there might be an unforeseen situation which means we have to intervene. When this occurs, we take action to rectify the problem, or we arrange for another placement.

African Sunrise – Your Support Network During Your Bachelor Thesis Studies –

African Sunrise is an internship and volunteering company that leads with honesty and integrity. Every bachelor thesis student's experience must add value to the person who's going to work with us. For many students, this is a one-time deal, and they can't afford to risk booking with an unreliable company. That's why we put such a lot of work into where we place our students.

By booking with African Sunrise, you'll have a team of people who care about your welfare, who you are as a person, and what you want to achieve during your stay. We genuinely want you to have a fulfilling and life-changing experience in Cape Town. Moreover, we're here to rectify any issues before they become a problem.

Doing your bachelor thesis in Cape Town will also give you a chance to travel to a new country to meet people, challenge yourself, get out of your comfort zone and form relationships that will continue well after you leave South Africa. This is something we take very seriously, and we work hard to make it an experience you'll never forget, for the right reasons.

If you're interested in further information about our bachelor thesis programme, please contact us directly. We'll be able to go into each organisation and placement in more detail.

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