My internship with African Sunrise
by Constance Decorne, Intern at African Sunrise Volunteering

I am a student in Master 2 in France, passionate about travel and discovery. Always interested in humanitarian and volunteering work, I created an associative project that involved the planting of hundreds of trees in Togo, I worked in an NGO in Buenos Aires and more recently in an association of communication professionals in France. During my internship in Argentina, I had the idea to create a placement agency in Colombia. But I lacked confidence in myself, experience, I needed a new breath in my life, a new place to experiment: so I found myself in contact with African Sunrise to do an internship !

What I liked first of all at African Sunrise is their very human business vision. They work with many very interesting projects to do an internship in and are very involved in each of these projects. Present on each event; they also organize fundraising, and give to projects. In short, they are far from the usual image of employment agencies and are a great help not only for students but also for projects!
Working with African Sunrise is choosing a job that makes sense not only for ourselves but also for others and it’s the most interesting part !

On my way to South Africa, I was primarily looking for inspiration. And I’m in the right place! Cape Town is a beautiful city, where there are plenty of things to do, to see: an exceptional living environment. It is also a country sometimes more complex to understand, which always has social problems.

I think it is impossible not to love Cape Town and not to appreciate internship/volunteering!
Firstly the city: surrounded by mountains, forests and beautiful beaches, very good restaurants, views, outings, people living there, whether South Africans or people from other parts of the country and from all over the world; everyone has something to bring and teach you. I currently live in Observatory which is a student district, a kind of small village and a real community life! We met and we know some homeless people from this place, and that’s why I like this place ! Life is very pleasant, there are plenty of young people and a good atmosphere!

For projects on which we can work and cultural wealth: meet children from home of safety, beach days organized by volunteers, soup kitchens where we can talk with homeless people without the relationships which are sometimes biased on the street, going to urban areas.
But also for South Africa itself, unfortunately I have not yet been able to visit everything but thanks to African Sunrise I went on the Garden Route and it is one of the most incredible things that I have done! See lions, rhinoceros, elephants and many others in their natural habitat during a safari, canoeing, visiting a rastafari village, beaches and great restaurants that Tania knows … but mostly I had the opportunity to surpass myself during the bungee jumping – a fall of 216 meters which will be at the same time one of my worst and one of my best memories in Cape Town!

I arrived in Cape Town full of uncertainty about my life choices, what I wanted and a rather difficult time for me, but Cape Town is a true “Happiness Therapy.” Choosing to go to Cape Town with African Sunrise is a choice that Has made me grow, that changed me and inspires me! It’s on, I’ll come back!
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